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There isn’t much in life that flowers can’t make better.  They’re common for any occasion–good or bad, which tells me there is power in these fleeting little beauts.  We gathered a few of our recent faves from ceremony sites to flower crowns to anniversary bouquets for you to harvest some wedding inspiration or to simply enjoy the view.  We also asked our friend Katie, from Boukates, about her floral design inspirations and favorite go-to’s.  Plus, see what her number one piece of advice is for your bride to be’s!




A to Zinnias (from the Better Together Workshop hosted by Happy Bloom)



Em Creative Floral (from the Better Together Workshop hosted by Happy Bloom)



Amanda Jewel Floral + Design



Urban Poppy Shop (Savannah)



Estorie Floral Co



Rhonda Sheppard




A sit down with Katie from Boukates based in Johns Creek, Ga.

  • Why did you choose to get into floral design? I wanted to be closer to nature. Growing flowers, foliage, veggies and herbs has always been important to my family, but I am no farmer. Floral design gives me the opportunity to learn and appreciate so many more varieties than I can tend to on my own. I do however absolutely love being able to use my home grown garden roses and fun foliage whenever I get the chance! 
  • Where do you pull inspiration for floral designs?  Everywhere! I start with my client’s desires and then let the theme, color palette, style of the venue, wedding attire and seasonal availability of flowers guide our decision making. 
  • Do you have a “go to” flower?  How could I choose?! I have particular favorites in almost every family of flowers and then favorites in every color or style within that family. In this spring’s events we are using a lot of peony, ranuculus and anemone. This summer, we have plans to use more dahlia, garden rose and hydrangea. Whatever it is, I take the time to smell 9 out of every 10 stems I use while designing! 
  • What would you encourage brides to consider when thinking about their wedding florals?  The bridal bouquet is the most important floral item on a wedding day. It is great fun to think through and plan for every tiny detail that goes into a tablescape, but the bridal bouquet is how you will remember your flowers. It is usually the first piece you lay eyes on and you will have spent plenty of time daydreaming about walking down the aisle with those flowers. I encourage my brides to treat themselves to exactly what they want to carry on the day of and then we can use it as a starting point for designing everything else. For those just beginning their planning, I always suggest to notice how big a role flowers play in wedding photos. They are often in almost every photo, so pick a designer who’s style you love.
  • What is your favorite current trend?  For reception decor, I like to use two to three tablescape styles for more interest and intrigue around the room. You can mix lush, low arrangements with tall arrangements, fun lanterns or elegant candleabras accented with flowers and greenery for a look that is interesting from every angle. For bridal bouquets, more and more brides are breaking with tradition and adding subtle color and sometimes steering clear of white altogether. I love both approaches, but what is nice is that “the rules” have been relaxed and that is allowing each bride to express their personal style more.



Stylish Stems Atlanta



Bloomin’ Bouquets




Fisher Floral



The Perfect Posey



Events by Dezine




A Divine Event



Beyond Details


Remember to stop and smell the roses! …Is that too cliche?  *insert oh well arm emoji*



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