we are a team

It takes a village to give our clients the kind of experience we strive to create!

We approach each day as a team, and the collaboration of strengths is really beautiful. You’ll very well talk to everyone during your experience with us at some point, so allow us to introduce ourselves!

Katie makes sure all our clients feel seen and valued as head of client experience as well as lead photographer.

Amanda is the founder of Dash Photography, Lead Photographer, and the visionary behind it all.

I like to call myself an introverted-extrovert. I’m all about a good hang anywhere with a fun and lively atmosphere, yet I’m also always happy staying in, curled up with a cup of coffee and my dog! I love long sunny days, my golden retriever, and warm neutral tones. The glass is always half full, and I enjoy helping other people view life the same way--it's the only way to truly live in my book!

My heart is happiest when I'm traveling, so I'm often exploring new cities while hunting down donut and coffee shops, and local restaurants. My husband is the best travel partner; he's been to all 50 states and I'm trying to catch up with 30! I dream far beyond reality, am a proud foodie, and am freakishly obsessed with my pup, Copper! I love to dance, prefer to bypass shallow and jump into a deep convo, and think laughter is God's medicine.

Michele is the first person you talk to you, and your go-to for all things admin.

When I'm not wrangling my two boys (four if you count my husband Dave and our dog Otis), I'm usually daydreaming and planning our next big trip. BUT, my heart is happiest when I'm home with my family, cooking dinner, enjoying some good wine or an IPA, and watching sports. You could call me a hopeless romantic, eternal optimist, crazed sports fan, or friendship building enthusiast. There is nothing more important to me than making those in my life feel valued and loved.

Carley Serves as associate photographer.

I love listening to music a little too loud, flavoring my creamer with a little coffee, going to concerts, watching sunsets, and feeling the wind in my hair in a Jeep with the top off. You can say Southern summers give me life! Some might describe me as the calm in the storm--a peaceful life is what I wish for. I strive to be present and genuine, and truly believe we “rise by lifting others”.