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We are an Atlanta, Georgia based wedding and senior photography team for the timeless, authentic, and lovers of life.

Our overall style is clean, timeless yet modern, and full of light. We create experiences worldwide for those madly in love with each other and with life!




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The Story Behind Dash | Georgia wedding and senior photographer

People ask me all the time about my start in photography, and how I came up with the name Dash. The story is very connected to me and my journey as a human, so I always enjoy sharing. I graduated from college with a degree in physical education and psychology.  I was hoping to do some sort of sports therapy and work with athletes and families within that industry. I was interested in the hobby of photography, but as a sports lover I figured that’d be the direction I’d go.  It’s crazy to me that we have to figure out what we want do with our whole life at the age of 18 (I still thought a box of kraft mac n cheese was a sufficient dinner).  

    I moved to Colorado the day after graduating college and two weeks after a significant and tragic death in my family. 

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