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Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Friday Fit Tip: Feeling your best so you can say yes to the dress! | Georgia Wedding Photographer

I love watching brides strut their stuff in their dresses.  Your wedding day is easily the day you feel you could take Beyonce on the catwalk because girl you are fiiiiinnneeee and everybody knows it!  So naturally, that’s a pretty big decision for brides.   I don’t know about you, but shopping days can go downhill quick if I feel like I’m trying to stuff myself into a sausage casing (can I get an amen!), and the last thing you want is to feel that way on dress shopping day.  Girl, we gotchu! We teamed up again with fitness coach, Sandra Cauley, and she’s ready to help you bring out your inner Queen B while you frolic to dress shops!

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