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We are an Atlanta, Georgia based wedding and senior photography team for the timeless, authentic, and lovers of life.

Our overall style is clean, timeless yet modern, and full of light. We create experiences worldwide for those madly in love with each other and with life!




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Madeline + Stephen | North Georgia Mountain Engagement

We asked Madeline what she would tell someone about finding the “right” one, her response gave me all the feels. She said “Be patient. Know your worth and clearly communicate your expectations. Forgive your partner and don’t begrudge them for past mistakes. No one is perfect and you must wake up each day and choose to fight for your relationship and fight for your partner. Sometimes love is easy, but sometimes it is very challenging. However, as long as you BOTH are willing to fight the good fight, and honesty and loyalty lie at the center of your relationship, love will conquer all and it will be the most rewarding experience.”

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